About Us

“To be whole. To be complete. Wildness reminds us what it means to be human, what we are connected to rather than what we are separate from.”

~ Terry Tempest Williams

Meet the family…

HELLO THERE! My name is Rebekah. My family and I love exploring the Appalachian Mountains any chance we get. We live in Johnson City which is in the northeastern tip of Tennessee. Growing up, I wanted more than anything to move far away from this area. Due to various circumstances that I am now grateful for, I ended up staying after grad school. It took me years to realize the beauty that surrounds us here and now the mountains bring me peace. I not only want to share that beauty with my children but with anyone else interested in exploring the mountains we call home.

My husband of almost 13 years, Darrell, is an artist, graphic designer, and works in digital media. Having a tech-savvy husband is quite handy as he designed this site for me and takes care of the entire technical side of the blog. He works from home and homeschools our boys most days of the week. We operate 100% as a team around here. He is my #1 biggest supporter in all my endeavors and I am so grateful for him!

Darrell and I have been hiking in this area together for 19 years. We began hiking with the boys when they were babies. They are now 10, 9, and 7 years old. We are certainly not “hiking/outdoor” experts, rather just have a love of being outside and sharing that love with others around us.

One thing that always made me hesitant to get out on the trails with the boys in the early years was a lack of information on navigating local trails with kids in tow. The information you might want before going out on a new trail can look vastly different depending on the ages of your kids, their hiking abilities, and your experience/abilities as a hiker. I try to look at each hike we take with a critical eye…would I do this with a baby? Multiple kids under 5? By myself with the boys? I take pictures of spots on the trail that I wouldn’t want to be surprised by when I’m hauling lots of little ones.

I hope that this blog helps to serve as a resource to help you decide which trails might be right for you and your family. Remember, this is just my perspective- you know your kids and your comfort level best!

The Boys

This is our all boy hiking crew. They are overflowing with equal amounts of energy and imagination. They completed the 52 hike challenge in 2020-2021. While there were lots of trials along the way, there were also so many good memories and important lessons learned. It brought our family many moments of joy during a rough couple of years. We hope they carry a love for the mountains with them always.

Our four-legged family members

Our old faithful gal, Lilli. She is 16 years old and has hiked many many miles in the mountains with us, but is no longer able to join us on the trails these days. She loves the boys and has always been their biggest protector. We couldn’t have asked for a better trail dog!

Ace the bat hound! We mostly call him, “Ace.” He is almost 3 years old and FULL OF ENERGY! If we pass you on the trail and you have a dog, he is very friendly and loves to sniff. The boys consider him another brother.

Our kitty never graces the trail but we love him anyway so we will include him for your viewing pleasure….

Kirby, our 12 year old lazy stinker who rarely leaves our front porch.