~ .3 mile

~ 49 ft

Stoney Creek, TN

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Blue Hole Falls is generally referred to as simply, “Blue Hole,” by people in the area. It is a very short and easy hike with a beautiful waterfall view. The unfortunate thing about really short hikes is that they usually come with a lot of traffic and as a result, a lot of trash.

We joined the “Wild Keeper” program with a company called Keep Nature Wild this year. It has been a great experience for the boys to see what it takes to clean up after people who don’t pack out their trash on trails. We picked up 18 lbs of trash between the parking lot and around the falls. There was so much trash that it had begun to pile up under the falls in an area that we were unable to reach. People even put drink bottles between the beautiful rock structures around the falls.

It is heartbreaking to see such a beautiful area trashed, so when you go, take bags and help to leave it better!

When you get to the parking area, there are two different ways you can go to get down to the falls. I recommend to go just past this gate:

Then take the first left turn that you come to. This will take you down some steep wooden steps, but I think it is a much easier route than the alternative.

We went the other direction and accidentally kept hiking past where we were supposed to turn to get down to the falls. Once we realized it, it wasn’t far to get back on track since the whole area is pretty small. You do have to climb down a ridge to reach the falls which would be pretty challenging if you had a baby or small toddler that you were managing by yourself. The boys thought it was extremely fun to climb down. I probably struggled more than they did!

There were only a couple other people there when we went that cleared out pretty quickly, but sometimes this area can become crowded with people swimming in the summer.

If you are short on time and looking for a pretty waterfall scene or a place to help clean up nature- this is a great choice!! 


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