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~ 0 ft

Limestone, TN

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This is a perfect hike for kids or anyone new to hiking who wants to “dip their toes in the water,” both literally and figuratively. The trail is really more like a leisurely stroll along the creek in the woods as there is 0 net elevation gain. Limestone Creek Trail lies within David Crockett Birthplace State Park. It is well marked with white blazes.

white trail blaze/badge

We chose this trail on a dreary February day due to its length and proximity to home. The weather was questionable the day we went, so we took advantage of a break in the rain clouds to get the boys outside and release some energy! I would love to come to this spot in the Spring when everything is blooming and the water is clear.

On the “All Trails” app, you can get to the trail head by choosing the “Limestone Creek and Collette Gravesite Loop.” We ended up choosing not to do the loop and stayed along the water on the Limestone Creek Trail the whole time. Shortly after you enter the trail, you will see a sign to split off on the Collette Gravesite Trail. We kept going straight at this point instead.

Collett Grave Trail Head

The trail follows along Limestone creek until it meets the Nolichucky river and Davy Crockett’s birthplace at the end. There was a lot of recent rainfall surrounding the days we went, so the creek was high and muddy.

The Limestone Creek

Approx 3/4 of the way, there is a big open grassy area with a fire pit that would be a perfect spot to sit and have lunch. There are stairs here that lead up to what looks like a parking area under construction.

We even saw someone in a canoe while we were there which delighted the boys to no end!

Soon after that spot, you will reach a fork in the trail. Either direction will take you up to Davy Crockett’s birthplace. If you go left, you will end up closer to the Nolichucky river bank. If you go right, you will end up coming to the path that can either take you toward the visitor center or the Nolichucky river bank. 

Fork in the trail
Nolichucky River
Nolichucky River ⬆️
Davie Crocket Birthplace

We were pleasantly surprised that there were people around in full Frontier clothing. I wish I would have taken their pictures and written down their names because they were so kind to us. They took us inside a replica of a “shelter” that is similar to what Davy Crockett’s parents might have built when they settled the area (pictured below). They told us all about Davy Crockett’s early days and answered all of our questions. It was wonderful to talk with them! We all learned a lot about Davy Crockett that we didn’t know. 

Davie Crockett living history

We did this hike on a Friday, which is a day that we typically have other activities planned in our homeschool. We decided to skip out on “school” for the day since it was our only chance of the weather cooperating that weekend. The boys learned so much more on this adventure than anything I could have possibly planned. Life always has a funny way of reminding us that living IS learning. The opportunities to learn are endless around us if we only allow space and time for them.

Davie Crockett Birthplace Memorial

We will definitely make a point to come back here. It’s a great place for nature study/walks due to the lack of elevation and short distance. You can check out David Crocket Birthplace State Park’s website to find out more about events and camping on the grounds. We were pleasantly surprised with how much we loved our impromptu “field trip” here!