15/17, 9/20 2020

~ 2 miles

~ 364 ft

Erwin TN

Martin’s Creek Falls is a charming waterfall that is tucked into a magical little cove in Erwin, TN. We never run across a lot of people there, maybe one or two other groups pass by. I would consider this more of an “off the beaten path” type of trail. There is no signage in the parking area and the trail is cleared but not marked with blazes. GPS did take us right to the trail head.

The trail is pretty wide at the beginning. You will come to a small left branch off the trail that is unmarked- this is not the turn you want to take!! Stay on the main trail and keep going until you reach the next left turn. It will be marked with a blue circle on a tree and a red ribbon- that’s some East Tennessee directions for ya’ll.
This is where you turn left.

The first time we went, we passed a nice couple that told us where to turn to reach the falls. If it weren’t for them we would have probably passed it. Once you know what you are looking for though, it is not hard to spot.

Then you will just follow the trail straight until you reach the falls. You can hear the falls at this point and it is not much further. 

Once you reach the point where you can see the falls, there is a steep but short descent down to the bottom. The boys were able to navigate this on their own (our youngest is 5), but a 2-4 year old would need help or at least 1 parent to be right with them. Some of the roots and places we held on to might be a bit of a stretch for little arms. This spot was extremely difficult with our dogs. We only brought them the first time we came on this trail. Now we leave the dogs home for this one.

There is a decent size area to splash around at the bottom of the falls and space to sit and have lunch or a snack.

The way the trees surround the falls makes it feel very tucked away and secluded. Especially if you end up being there alone, it is such a peaceful spot to soak in nature’s beauty.

One side note, we have never lost cell service on this trail with T-mobile. The trail is so close to town that it seems to get pretty good reception which is rare for a lot of the trails in our area.

This is a great trail to check out, especially if you and/or your little ones are new to hiking. We come here a couple times a year and always leave wanting to return soon!

Nature finds to look for:

DISCLAIMER: We use the “Picture This” app to help identify plants we find along the trail combined with our own nature books and study. We are by no means experts and might get it wrong sometimes! Please do not take any of our suggestions as text book or ingest anything based on what we share. Our nature finds are also based on the season in which we did our hike. If you hike the same trail in a different season, you might find totally different plants. If you notice any mistakes in our identification, please feel free to contact us and let us know so we can update it ASAP! Thank you and happy exploring!